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2008 At last

New Year again! Let’s hope this will be a good one, though it’s not looking promising yet – got problems left right and centre, and a good friend in ICU. But it’s a warm, bright sunny day here and it helps you look on the bright side of life as the MP gang would say!
Mitsos is very well and up to his usual pranks. At the moment he is fast asleep in my out tray – good job work is a little quiet at the moment!

Shy Mitsos

Looks like Penguin have at last cancelled my order. Haven’t told you about that, have I? I ordered a calendar before Christmas from their co.uk site. Free 24 hours’ delivery, yippee! And I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere else, it was out of stock everywhere. Anyway, we didn’t get it before Christmas – because it was on backorder! (Would have been nice to have known that before I ordered it!). We didn’t get it after Christmas – because it was still on backorder. The fact it was on backorder didn’t, however, stop them from debiting my account the day after I ordered. I was none too pleased I can tell you (well, I am telling you!). I can thoroughly recommend Consumer Direct, part of the Office of Fair Trading (http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk). Very helpful advice given promptly. I have no doubt Penguin probably send their orders out fine generally, but if you have problems, don’t expect any contact from them at all: all of my e-mails have gone unanswered (I did get a confirmation of receipt for 2) – that’s using their form and ‘proper’ e-mail. So buyer beware!

An odd thing is that the OFT said that you are allowed a 14-day cooling off period after ordering, in case you change your mind. So why does nearly every shopping web site give you 7 days? This period apparently is a full 30 days if no arrangements have been made for delivery of the item(s). Anyway, I was very disappointed with Penguin. I am hoping to get a reply at least to my registered letter.


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