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Roll on February

Well, this year is not getting better fast. I had some bad news yesterday about another friend’s husband and then there was a bright spot: I at last got paid for work from 4 years ago (that’s what happens when you work for the Government!). Hopefully, they won’t get to keep the tax on it as well. No sooner do I get to take that round to the bank today and deposit it than I get a phone call to tell me our friend in ICU has died . That seems to be how it is so far this year – a total rollercoaster. It is very, very sad indeed. But I guess life goes on. So following the pattern, the next bit of news we get should be good at least. I was glad to get my money after all this time … but I would rathr have our friend back and my friend’s husband healthy again.
My new year’s resolution is to see our friends and family more, jumping off the treadwheel now and then. Life’s too short – and you never know how short it’s going to be. Savour every moment.


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