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Yeah it’s the weekend! Back to that later!

Well we are a three cat family now. There is Mitsos, Souki and Gizmo. The latter two we picked up off the street in December. Only temporary it was supposed to be. But they are adorable and we have been reluctant to part with them … not that anyone has been looking to adopt them anyway.

They have turned our life upside down, but have brought some order to it too as they needed feeding like every 4 hours when small, and have regular feeding times now they are almost a year old. They like to wake up early too, not too early most days – but we consider waking at 8 am a lie-in! And they love to play. We have a long passageway between the two parts of our apartment and they love to race up and down it and play with their various toys too.

So back to the weekend! Apples galore to deal with. I see lots of chutney and apple pie filling being made.

Tomorrow will be chopping and peeling and cooking etc. Sunday will be this


I saw the volunteers at Ikea so thought I’d go with that.

Looks like it should be fun.


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